Jim Eischens

Jim Eischens is an accomplished real estate professional with over two decades of experience in property management and business development. His diverse portfolio includes single family homes, multifamily apartment buildings, hotels, charter schools, office complexes, and a resort business.

Jim Eischens currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of his portfolio of management companies. Eischen’s portfolio of properties includes: The Elysian, DoubleTree by Hilton Minneapolis- U of M, University Inn, The Remington, The Denn, Eagle Crossing- 633 Ontario, 810, 814, 818 8th St apartments, 1088 16th Ave house, 1103 5th St house, 513 8th Ave house, 315 27th Ave SE commercial building, 620 Olson Memorial Hwy (a charter school under construction), and the Elbow Lake Lodge in Cook, MN.

Jim Eischens was inspired to pursue a career in real estate while looking for a place to live during his final days of school at the University of Minnesota. He realized that if he bought a house — instead of renting — he could rent out the extra rooms in his place to help cover the mortgage and housing costs. Once this investment proved to be successful, Jim Eischens found another piece of rental investment property to do the same thing. From there, his real estate business continued to grow to more complex and challenging projects.

Over the years, Jim Eischens has learned just how difficult but also how rewarding the real estate industry can be. It takes a lot of hard work and a substantial amount of risk as well as the personal investment of time and resources.

His innovative, forward-thinking, vertically integrated approach has allowed Jim Eischens to maintain a competitive edge in the industry. Eischens is always interested in uncovering new trends and staying up to date on sustainable practices. For example, several of his properties feature rain gardens for water runoff from buildings and sustainable landscaping. The most recent and prolific practice, however, has been the incorporation of solar energy into as many buildings as possible.

Moving forward, Jim Eischens is focused on remaining agile and flexible. While the real estate appears to be a stable business under the current economic conditions, it is important to always be positioned to adapt and make the necessary changes to remain competitive.

After twenty-plus years in the industry, Jim Eischens continues to find real estate to be an incredibly fulfilling and rewarding career. Eischens particularly enjoys having the opportunity to work for himself, as it offers him the luxury of time flexibility, giving him the opportunity to spend a great deal of time with his family.

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