If you are ready to sell your home, then you may want to think about setting up an open house. Several advantages can help you get top dollar or find a buyer in a tough market. A huge help is setting the showing when you are available and ready for the public.

Timing is everything when you are selling a home. Instead of letting your agent set up appointments that may interfere with your work, school, or sleep schedule, an open house means that you will keep most of the control. Your agent can help you decide if a weekend or evening showing will give you the most exposure.

When your home is not the only one selling nearby, a great way to entice buyers to put is to give them something to look at when they arrive. For instance, a beautiful entrance, yard feature, or indoor characteristic may that stands out is ideal.

An open house gets the word out about your property. Word-of-mouth sharing is just as important as social media posts and real estate blogs. You never know who might have a friend or family member that they want to keep close. Your home could be the solution to keeping a daughter close to her aging father or a child in the school district they love.

Having the time to prepare your home for a showing is another huge advantage of holding an open house. Instead of letting people set up an appointment, you can choose when the public can see your home. By scheduling your open house, you ensure that most potential buyers will see your home in the best form.

Tips for a successful open house:

  • Paint the inside and outside
  • Clear out clutter
  • Paint the inside and outside
  • Choose your best characteristic and embellish it
  • Repair any broken, squeaky, leaking, or damaged items
  • Organize everything
  • Clean off counters
  • Hide pet and children’s items
  • Hire a staging consultant

Open houses are more advantageous than leaving it up to chance that the right buyer will come along eventually. By scheduling your showing, you have visitors on your terms. Ask your agent for the number to a reputable staging firm for the best results.