It’s more about who you know, than what you know. This phrase is often expressed across many industries but is extremely valuable in the real estate profession. It is crucial to create opportunities where you can leverage yourself and your business. By creating sturdy relationships you are allowing yourself the potential to grow long-term in the real estate world. Being the most knowledgeable in your field can only get you so far. The network you create around yourself is what can truly give you the upper hand in this business.


Always Be Prepared

Real estate in an industry that will always be a hot button topic. People will always need places to live and conduct business from. Opportunities can present themselves in the most random of places. Always being prepared to pitch yourself is best practice. Networking tools such as business cards should always be on your person. You never know who you will run into at the grocery store and if you are prepared, it could open the door to a new investment or project collaboration.


Value the Connections

It shouldn’t matter if you meet Bill Gates or a carpenter, they should know that your connection with them matters. Even if you are unsure whether they will benefit your career, a follow up upon meeting should take place. Reaching out first is key to proving that your relationship with them means something. Everyone knows someone. So it may not be their support that you are seeking but their best friend’s cousin could be the one person to help get you to that next level of your career.


Utilizing Networking Tools

The real estate industry is one of the most demanding and rapidly growing in the world. Being connected to as many social networks and platforms as possible is best practice. Utilizing sites such as LinkedIn to network your business endeavors can grow your brand within the real estate community. In addition to the tools that are at our dispense online, in-person events are also great ways to continue growing your network. For those on the investment side of the industry, making personal connections is one of the greatest advancements you can make. While investors are often behind the scenes, getting to know the developers, brokers, and contractors can help you establish a foundation for future projects.


While networking is important in any careers, real estate is one of the industries that thrive on strong relationships. Maintaining health connections with anyone you meet can help push your career to new heights. Finding success in your career can only come from the amount of effort you put forth in making it flourish.