It is hard to imagine our professional lives without technology at the forefront. Though companies successfully operated for many years before technology, there have been tons of advancements made since computers and smartphones made their way onto the scene. In the world of real estate, keeping up with trends is a must, and that especially applies to the world of technology. There are countless tools and apps that can help keep all real estate professionals on track and up-to-date. Here are some of my favorites!




This should be a go-to for all real estate professionals. Though the major real estate sites such as Zillow and provide listings and sources for community involvement, BiggerPockets is one of the best engagement tools out there. With open forums constantly rolling with discussions, any real estate professional can find the solutions they need. This tool is great for networking in your area, as well as learning from the experiences of others in the industry.


Ten-X Commercial


This apps is geared to support brokers and commercial investors by helping them find the best properties and good deals. The app will alert users, as soon as new properties make way onto the market. You can even make offers on certain properties right through the app. This user-friendly tool is ideal for those diving into commercial real estate properties. It can be challenging to keep track of all of the upcoming and current properties, especially in a big city. Ten-X helps investors stay current and in the competitive market all in the palm of the user’s hand.


DocuSign and iScanner


If you haven’t discovered the world of virtual signatures and mobile scanners, you are missing out. These tools are useful for any profession but especially for those in real estate. As an agent, investor, or broker, we are always needing digital copies of files and signatures from clients. These two tools give you both access to a scanner and ways to send documents for signatures, right on your phone. The easy nature of both apps, gives real estate professional the fast service that is often required to meet deadlines.


Google Drive


If you’re like me, staying organized is key to any successful project. Google Drive allows users to organize their content in an easy and efficient manner. The tools included with drive give you the opportunity to use and save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations all within the same hub. One of the best aspects of Google Drive is the ability to access it from any computer, PC or Mac. Real estate professionals are always on the go. Google Drive provides a convenient way to access all important information wherever, and whenever.