When someone is trying to sell their home, often times they are met with unsolicited tips from third parties on what to do to help it sell faster. However, not all advice is created equal. Homeowners listing a property on the real estate market should avoid using certain words while describing a home.

“Cozy Ambiance”

The word cozy has different meanings, and each potential homebuyer has her own interpretation of this word. For some people, saying that something is cozy means that it is small and cramped while for other home shoppers the word implies that the home has a relaxing ambiance.

“Will Not Last”

The words it will not last in a real estate advertisement can mean that the home is in poor condition rather than selling in only a few weeks. Today, most geographic regions are filled with homes that aren’t being sold quickly, so this type of wording will annoy potential homebuyers.

“Gorgeous” or “Beautiful”

The words beautiful or gorgeous are overused in real estate advertisements. It is better to use more descriptive words such as talking about a home’s traditional brick exterior or the specialized architecture that sets it apart in a neighborhood.

“Perfect Location”

Saying that a home has the perfect location means nothing because each buyer has a different idea about the best location for a property. Some homebuyers want to live in the downtown area of a city while others want to live in a rural area in the country outside the city’s limits.

“Recently Renovated”

Many sellers will state that a home has been recently renovated, but this tells a potential buyer nothing. A home renovation might only include replacing the floor tile in the entranceway rather than a total upgrade of the electrical wiring, plumbing fixtures, and climate-control equipment.

“Luxurious Features”

Rather than simply saying that a home has luxurious features, a real estate agent should say exactly what makes a property special. If the current homeowner has created a spa-like bathroom with a waterfall shower and a large soaking bathtub, then it is important to state this in the advertisement for the home.

“Priced to Sell”

Each potential homebuyer has a budget to buy a property, so saying that a home is priced to sell is a poor choice. The price on a home is typically negotiable, especially when a property has been listed for several months or longer.